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This provides an overview of the key components that make up Hudl’s Brand, along with guidelines on how to use them properly.

Brand Colors

Our Brand colors help us represent Hudl in a consistent way.

At Hudl, we bleed orange. It’s been in our DNA since our very beginning. It represents confident intensity. Use Orange when introducing new people to the Hudl brand.

Generous use of white as negative space plays an important role in conveying smart, reliable and understated Uniform personality traits.

Orange and White

Electric carries nearly as much intensity as Orange. Use Electric when you need to express confident intensity or to demand attention. In executions where the Hudl brand is already established, use Electric as an alternative to Orange to add visual interest through color diversity.

Dos and Don'ts of Electric

The cool grey colors of Ink, Evening and Slate play a reliable and understated supporting role to Orange and Electric. Slate is the origin color of the neutral colors of the Uniform UI Color System.

Brand Orange

#ff6300, RGB(255, 99, 0), CMYK(0, 76, 100, 0)

Brand Electric

#009ce3, RGB(0, 156, 227), CMYK(73, 25, 0, 0)

Brand Ink

#232a31, RGB(35, 42, 49), CMYK(77, 67, 58, 63)

Brand Evening

#38434f, RGB(56, 67, 79), CMYK(76, 64, 51, 39)

Brand Slate

#4e5d6c, RGB(78, 93, 108), CMYK(72, 57, 43, 20)

Hudl Logo

Our logo is our most recognizable brand asset. Treat it well.

The full Hudl logo is our primary logo — it is the preferred logo for representing Hudl.

Full Logo

For Print (12.6MB .zip) - For Web (1.9MB .zip)

Color Variations

To make sure our logo always stands out, several color variations can be applied. Use a version with the orange mark whenever possible.

Logo Variations

Logo Mark

Our mark is the aerial view of three people in a huddle. The mark should always remain upright and symmetric. The three people should always remain together. For audiences who already know our brand, the mark can be used on its own. For new markets and audiences, the full Hudl logo should be used.

Logo Mark

For Print (7.4MB .zip) - For Web (1.3MB .zip)

Minimum Sizes

The Hudl logo should never be smaller than 72px wide on the web, or 1” in print. If confined to a smaller area, use only the mark.

Minimum Sizes Minimum Sizes

Do’s & Don’ts

We’re not big on rules, but our logo is a big deal. Below are some guidelines to make sure it always looks great:

Do's & Don'ts

Don’t change the placement of the mark.

Don’t use the wordmark without the mark.

Don’t stretch, skew or rotate the logo.

Do leave plenty of space around the logo.

Do try to keep the logo on a neutral background.


Each of our branded products has an extended logo. These should only be used on material specific to that product.

Hudl Assist

Hudl Assist is an add-on service offered to basketball and American football teams. Coaches send us game video, and our professional analysts break it down with team and individual stats in 24 hours or less.

Hudl Assist

Logo Set (17MB .zip)

Hudl Sideline

Hudl Sideline is a wireless instant replay solution allowing coaches to make in-game adjustments from the sideline or press box.

Hudl Sideline

Logo Set (30MB .zip) - Photo Set (1MB .zip)

Hudl Technique

Hudl Technique is a mobile app that allows coaches and athletes to analyze and improve with slow motion playback and side-by-side comparisons.

Hudl Technique

Logo Set (30MB .zip) - Photo Set (1.2MB .zip)

Hudl Combine

Hudl Combine is a free mobile app designed for football athletes to test their athleticism by recording a series of events to calculate a verified Nike Football Rating.

Hudl Combine

Logo Set (29MB .zip) - Photo Set (2.7MB .zip)

Branded Feature Logos

Branded features are built to exist within Hudl as part of the standard interface. Users have access to these features both on and in the Hudl mobile app.

Performance Center

Performance Center is a year-round training destination within Hudl, fully equipped with exclusive video content from the world’s best coaches and athletes.

Performance Center

Logo Set (15MB .zip)

Play Tools

Play Tools is an add-on available to football teams interested in creating virtual practice scripts and playbooks to review in Hudl.

Play Tools

Logo Set (6.6MB .zip)