Sketch Assets

You can find all assets created by Uniform in one Sketch Library available on Google Drive.

By adding the Uniform Library to Sketch, you can easily insert any symbol and know it follows Hudl’s design standards.

Getting Started with Sketch Library

Make sure you’re using Sketch 47 or newer.

  1. Click Sketch > Preferences
  2. Navigate to the Libraries tab.
  3. Click Add Library…
  4. Find Uniform Resources in Drive and select the Uniform UI.sketch file.

Once you close the Preferences window, you should see a Uniform UI listing the next time you choose to Insert.

Sketch Runner

For an even more efficient way of adding symbols to your UI, we highly recommend using the Runner plugin.

  1. Download and install the Runner plugin.
  2. Run the plugin by opening Plugins > Runner > Run or hitting cmd + on your keyboard.
  3. Click the settings cog on the right.
  4. Set Always start with insert.
  5. Uncheck Use fuzzy search.
  6. In the prefix field at the bottom, paste in _Building Blocks.

From there, you can insert any symbol by typing its name and hitting Enter.

Updating the Uniform Library

You’ll always know when a library update is available—Sketch won’t swap out symbols without asking first.

You’ll see a notification in the top right corner of Sketch anytime an update is available, similar to alerts about a plugin being updated or disabled.

If the update affects any symbols in your file, a dialog will appear asking if you want to swap the old with the new. Choosing to update once will replace all instances of that symbol. You don’t have to do each one individually.