Uniform Design

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Uniform strives to bring design cohesion throughout Hudl through design documentation, assets and code.

Uniform Design Style describes the high-level characteristics of how we visually represent the Hudl brand and interface. Here we define our brand personality, the feeling we strive to convey through experience, the design principles on which we rely and our tenets of visual design.

Personality & Feeling

Personality & Feeling


Hudl is personified as a “great assistant coach”. A person who speaks wisdom, who rarely yells, but who makes it count when necessary. We define these personality traits as: smart, reliable, understated and confident.


Every athlete knows the feeling of putting on a game uniform. There’s something special about the moment. The game is about to happen. It’s exciting. That’s the aspirational feeling we want people to experience when they use Hudl. A new uniform is fresh, clean and ready.

Purpose & Contrast

To convey our brand personality traits (smart, reliable, understated and confident) and the feeling (game uniform - fresh, clean, ready) we rely heavily on two concepts: Purpose & Contrast.



Everything has a purpose. We remove superfluous elements from our design executions. This results in minimal visuals that have a fresh and clean feel. What’s left is a product that gets out of your way and does the job when you need it. Smart and reliable.



We are subtle by default. So, when we’re loud, it counts. Contrast creates drama. Drama is exciting. Both understated and confident. Subtle and bold.

Primary Tenets

The tenets of a Hud’s visual design language are the “alphabet” of our most basic design elements. Our primary tenets will eventually include: color, typography, iconography, space & relationships, photography, graphic treatment and motion. Initially, we’ll focus on the big three: Color, Typography and Iconography.